On Beauty


“‘There’s a story I love from Sadi’s Garden. You know the one, King Darius becomes separated from the crowd during a hunt and goes off to roam the hills. Unexpectedly, a dangerous-looking stranger with a goatee appears before him. The king falls into a panic and reaches for the bow on his horse, whereupon the man begs, “My king, hold off from shooting your arrow. How is it that you haven’t recognized me? Am I not the loyal groom to whom you’ve entrusted a hundred horses and foals? How many times have we seen each other? I know each of your hundred horses by temperament and disposition, nay, by color even. So then, how is it that you pay no attention to us, the servants under your command, even those like myself whom you encounter with such frequency?’

My Name is Red

When I depict this scene, I render the black, chestnut and white horses – so tenderly cared for by the groom in a heavenly green pasture covered with flowers of every imaginable color – with such happiness and calm that even the dullest of readers would understand the moral of Sadi’s story: The beauty and mystery of this world emerges only through affection, attention, interest and compassion

Orhan Pamuk
My Name is Red



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Image Credits:

Some images I have used on the blog that I do not own:

1. The cover image is an oil painting – Southwark Bridge and St. Paul’s (1883) by the master of breathtaking cityscapes, the English artist, John Atkinson Grimshaw.
2. The site icon is an impressionist artwork – Water Lilies (1919) by the famous French artist, Claude Monet.

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