The Game of Life


Stand tall, boy! Stand firm!
Take on the rain, and the sun.
Change in the weather is inevitable.
Learn to persist and persevere little one.

Lost in dreams and worried about a gazillion things,
Where are you off to, and why away from everything do you run?
Learn my little one, to endure and take your steps gently,
For the game of life has only just begun.

© The Flowers of Art


The Rotten Lotus


Downtown was bursting with festivities, alit with a multitude of brilliant colours. By the time I returned from my evening walk, the sky was a shade of purple I hadn’t seen before. I passed by restaurants and bars and people on the street, like a ghost invisible to all. I saw through the windows people having awkward conversations with their dates, youngsters drinking and teasing each other with bawdy jokes, old couples walking hand in hand silently, and what a sight it was! For a brief moment I thought I witnessed utopia.

But then around the corner, I saw a poor man, shivering, lying on the footpath, an old man playing the guitar in the freezing cold and a madman lifting finger toward the heavens cursing God. And all of a sudden, a desire to drink the poison of sadness of the entire world came over me; to take upon myself, the burden of strangers, friends and foes alike. But when has ever a single man saved the world from its misery? I felt Kafka tap on my shoulder and smile, it was enough for me to know that he understood me.

© The Flowers of Art