Downtown was bursting with festivities, alit with a multitude of brilliant colours. By the time I returned from my evening walk, the sky was a shade of purple I hadn’t seen before. I passed by restaurants and bars and people on the street, like a ghost invisible to all. I saw through the windows people having awkward conversations with their dates, youngsters drinking and teasing each other with bawdy jokes, old couples walking hand in hand silently, and what a sight it was! For a brief moment I thought I witnessed utopia.

But then around the corner, I saw a poor man, shivering, lying on the footpath, an old man playing the guitar in the freezing cold and a madman lifting finger toward the heavens cursing God. And all of a sudden, a desire to drink the poison of sadness of the entire world came over me; to take upon myself, the burden of strangers, friends and foes alike. But when has ever a single man saved the world from its misery? I felt Kafka tap on my shoulder and smile, it was enough for me to know that he understood me.

© The Flowers of Art


11 thoughts on “The Rotten Lotus

  1. I know exactly what you mean about drinking the poison sadness of the world. Christians though believe that Jesus Christ died to save the world from sin. So a single man did once save the world from its misery. Meanwhile, we each of us do what we can. Be blessed. ❤

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  2. Your story is so strong and alive. I can feel that walk along the street and all you see.
    Mixture of all we humans encounter and feel.
    To want to save the world from m pain and sorrow, that burden is to heavy for any one person. Together we can help a lot. Yet, one can’t ignore the feelings and longings of wanting to help.
    Thank you also for visiting and following my blog. You are so welcome

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