Adults like to shoot a question to children a lot and that is: What would you like to become when you grow up. And children too in their pure ignorance of the ways of the world conjure up an answer only to be forgotten the very next day, or perhaps because they have to give an answer to not appear dumb, blatantly lie: “A doctor! A scientist! (Some billionaire)! (Some insanely famous player)!”

But what they really have in their minds is an image, a blurred one of some important person, well suited up, who most likely has deep pockets, is well respected, deemed intelligent, who at his whim could purchase a car, or get his own place to live. It is only when an existential crisis hits us out of nowhere, as we cross a certain threshold in our age, do we begin to realize, that we indeed have become this person (whatever maybe the official business title) that we once vaguely defined as our goal in our childhood, and that howsoever much privileged a position it is, it doesn’t necessarily provide contentment or happiness.

© The Flowers of Art


4 thoughts on “The Blurred and Vague Image of an Important Man

  1. Fascinating post. I decided very young who I would be; not what I would be (although that, too, as I worked in the field of education all of my life), but who. That, I think, is what you are saying? That we must decided who it is we will be, what character we will show, especially when adversity strikes. My decision has helped me be brave through some very arduous times.


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